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I made these out of necessity, i didnt know how to spin, but i bought an amazing batt and needed a spindle made from something on hand.

You can see, each yo-yo yields 2 spindles (duh). The other side is lighter because it doesn’t have the cool springs that make it auto return. 

Cheap yoyos tend to crack during drilling, this was a yomega, but the kind that couldn’t sleep. I’d never ruin my nice yo-yos even though i don’t use them.

I’m working on a 3d printed spindle that uses what i learned from these. Theyre the only spindles I have ever used and they have spoiled me incredibly because they have no air resistance and are perfectly balanced, more than any wood could ever be. They are 35 grams and 28 grams. my only complaint is that they aren’t great for spinning singles for 24wpi 3 ply. I tend to spin thin.

If you want, I can try to explain how to make one with minimal tools. I could use another set.

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    Wow. I kinda have to make one now.
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    Hmm. Maybe.
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    I designed a few, they’re waiting for me to install the software on my new computer and export prototypes. In the mean...
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    What a creative idea!
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    So cool! Tutorial please yes?

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